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Why People Buy Cars They Dont Want

Have you ever ended up buying a car even though you had no intention of getting one? Sadly, this happens to many 'just shopping' prospects each and every day. Control is the name of the game for Used Car Salesman; they have to control everything in order to 'make you' buy a car. Being able to control the customer is the most important technique a used car salesman must master. Think you haven't been controlled? Guess again. Ever stopped at a used car lot to look at something and ended up inside the office? The fact is when you as the customer, lose control of the situation chances are good you will end up buying a car, it is that simple.

Why is control so important? If the salesman can control your movements, he can control your thoughts and ideas. If he can control your thoughts, he can talk you into buying a car, right then. Whether you realize it or not, buying a car is an emotional experience, an impulsive response. Do you really need a car; for most people the answer is yes.

But why do you need a car? For transportation of course, so all you really need is an economical vehicle that has a radio and air conditioning. Have you ever had a used car salesman show you such a car? No, he wants you to buy the most expensive vehicle for sale on the lot because he will make the most commission. So here are some tips for staying in control when you venture onto a used car lot: 1) If you are just looking and have no intention to buy a vehicle then go when the dealership is closed.

If you are truly just 'window shopping' you don't need to know the price and you certainly don't need to speak to anyone. 2) Do not test drive a car unless you have the intention of buying it should you decide you like it. Getting you to go on a test drive is another control method designed to get you to 'fall in love' with the car. 3) If there is anything you do not like during the entire negotiations then leave.

You are truly the master of your fate when it comes to buying a used car, do not let a salesman or manager try to bully or prod you into purchasing. Remember you have the ultimate control of the situation,you can get up and leave.

Chuck Parrish, former used car salesman now consumer advocate, reveals unethical salesman ploys, and how to get cheap used car finance and insurance at his website

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