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Tips to Save Money on Gas and Improve Gas Mileage on Any Car

With the cost of gas going up, up, up, a lot of drivers are beginning to feel like their gas pedal is connected directly to their wallets. Many auto owners see cutting down on driving as the only way they can save. But look around at the total cost of driving a car vehicle and you'll see there are actually several areas where you can save on expenses. The following 5 tips won't help you find cheaper gas, but they will cut the cost of owning and operating a car. Using any or all of them will go a long way toward keeping your wallet from running on empty. 1.

Reduce Fuel Consumption.Begin by making sure your car is well tuned, the air filter is clean and your tires are inflated according to their manufacturer's recommendations. Such simply measures have been shown to reduce fuel consumption by a whopping 20%! When you're on the road, avoid quick starts and stops and drive slower.

Your car burns less fuel at slow speed. Lastly, consolidate trips whenever possible. Plan shopping and errands to make the most of trip out of your driveway.

2. Shop Around For Auto Insurance.The internet is making it easier than ever to find the best price for auto insurance. If you've haven't shopped around for insurance in a while, now's the time to get on the web and start making comparisons. Many sites will show you charts of what they would charge you right along side estimates from their competitors. If you've been with the same agency for a long time, be sure to let your agent know you're price shopping and are open to discounts or other suggestions for ways to lower your auto insurance expenses.

3. Reconsider How You Finance Your Vehicle. Once upon a time, the only way to drive a car was to own it. Today, leasing is a popular option. But whether you lease or own, you're likely tied into monthly payments. Take a good look at what you're paying and how, and consider ways to save, either by refinancing your car loan or restructuring your lease agreement.

When you refinance, your old loan is paid off in full and replaced with a new loan. Since your new load will be for a lesser amount and -hopefully-a lower interest rate, you can wind up saving a considerable amount of money on interest. 4. Consider An Extended Warranty.Maintaining your vehicle is one of the biggest expenses of driving, and a well-maintained vehicle is actually cheaper to drive. Having an extended warranty is one way to make sure your vehicle is always in top condition.

Consider that one major repair can easily cost more than a year of extended warranty and you begin to see the potential savings. You'll get the best price on an extended warranty if you purchase it before the original manufacturer's warranty expires. The typical manufacturer's warrant last for 3 years or 36,000 miles, so be sure to take action before you approach those limits.

5. Form A Carpool With Friends And's likely you have family, friends and neighbors who visit many of the same shops you do every week. If two or three of you visit the same pharmacy every week, why not pair up and share the driving chores and expenses? You'll get to spend some extra time with people you like and you'll all save money.

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