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Storm Water Assessment Fees of Business Parking Lots a Mistake

Many Municipalities, which are trying to comply with the EPA mandated NPDES Permitting are looking at ways to clean the storm water and some are attempting to past these costs onto the private parking lot owners. Yet I would advise they not do this for several reasons.Number one if you charge a parking lot owner fees for storm water compliance then you are not getting them to do anything about the run-off and thus not solving the problem, bad move. Instead you are taking their monies to fund the storm water department; oh great that is what we need more government and bureaucracy?.Now then if you charge the parking lot owners huge fees then they will end up charging more money in the Triple Net leases to small business owners and this will be a hardship on those small businesses.

Bad move.Next if you charge this to large retailers they will make it up in higher costs to consumers? Oh wonderful thanks a lot Mr. Bureaucrat.

In Milwaukee they want to assess each parking lot owner a fee of $50.00 per quarter for ever 10,000 square feet? Also they wish to charge smaller businesses with a one acre parking lot $800.00 per year.This is crazy non-sense and if it is a parking company imagine the fees and they will go right on and charge higher fees to those who park there and you again hurt the consumer as they are already paying too much in gasoline to get to the parking lot in the first place.

Bad move, bad idea and typical linear thinking politicians.This is nuts. Consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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