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Some Of The Facts You Should Know About Satellite Radio

Here are a few FAQs about everyone's favorite radio service. Question #1: Can you give us an overview of what satellite radio is? Who provides the new service? Answer: Satellite radio is a subscription based communication service. It has far more programs and music than the traditional network does, and it is available internationally by WorldSpace and stateside by Sirius and XM. Question #2: Are there any advantages to having satellite radio? Answer: The genres, styles, and eras of music you can choose from is almost limitless. Getting the programming you want, (weather, traffic, talk, news, and entertainment), without the annoyance of commercials.

The new technology is broadcast into your car, RV, yacht, sauna, or home by use of a digital signal that completely eradicates that entire mind frying static. Once you purchase the equipment and properly install it, you will be supplied with a complete list of programming and channels right on the receiver. Local traffic and weather are available, provided by Sirius and XM. Question #3: Are there any disadvantages to having the new technology? Answer: If you don't live in the continental United States, you cannot receive the signal.

This includes Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and other U.S. Territories. Question #4: What do XM and Sirius Radio provide? Answer: -XM: 150 channels, 2 NASCAR racing channels, Major League Baseball, Professional Golf Association, ACC, Big Ten, and PAC-10 football and basketball coverage.

You can have all of this awesome stuff for only $12.95 a month. -Sirius: 120 Channels, Live National Hockey League, National Football League, National Basketball Association, English Premier League Soccer, and college sports game coverage. You can get all of this great programming for only $12.

95 a month. Question #5: How do I go about installing a system capable of handling the new technology? Answer: There are a few things you will need before installing a system. First of all, you will need an antenna powerful enough to pick up the signal and deliver it to your receiver. Secondly, you will need a tuner so that you can actually get the signal from the antenna. There are 3 basic types of satellite radio tuners: Plug and play, which can be used on the go in a specially designed boom box, or car, the Universal tuner, which is most commonly used in the car, and then there is the home tuner, which hooks directly into the receiver.

Thirdly, you will require a receiver which allows you to select the channels. Lastly, you absolutely need to purchase a subscription from either XM Satellite Radio or Sirius Radio. Question #6: How do I get the best satellite quality sound in my car? Answer: In order to get the great sound you deserve from your system you should do 1 of 3 things: a.Install an in-dash receiver with a built-in tuner. b.

Install a satellite ready receiver and connect it to an external satellite tuner. c.Install a plug-and-play satellite tuner by connecting it directly to your vehicle's stereo auxiliary input.

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