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Save Money With These Super Gas Saver Tips

There are three things now certain in life, death, taxes and rising gas prices. There is something you can do about rising gas prices unlike the other two. Did you know that you can become a super gas saver by utilizing key gas saving tips? Below are five tips you can use to start saving money on gas right away thus giving your wallet a break. The first thing you want to do is make sure your tires have the correct air pressure in them. This is so simple to do and yet many never take the time.

Checking the air pressure is important because it reduces wear and tear and will make your car run more efficiently. The more workload you put on your car the more fuel it will burn. The next plan of action is to plan how you will be using your car. I know you have been in a situation where you just get home and remember you needed something else.

In some cases this simply can't be avoided but in most it can. Here's what you do, on Sunday plan out your week from going to the mall to grocery shopping and make a good list. If you have a solid plan then those "I forgot" trips will be a lot less frequent. The third thing you want to consider is the proper use of cruise control. When your car is running on cruise control it is working at it's optimum efficiency. When using cruise control you should consult your cars user manual for correct operation.

If you keep turning the cruise control on and off you will be mimicking acceleration and braking under standard driving conditions. The fourth step is to clean out your car of any excess weight. If your like most people, you look at your car like it's an extension of your home.

As we continue to add and take away items from the car we begin to leave items over time. Go through your vehicle and clean out everything that is not needed for that day. At the end of everyday, take out what you bring in to keep the weight and clutter down to a minimum. Finally, you need to focus on driving at a constant speed and accelerate gradually. We need to leave our high school years behind us and drive like responsible adults who don't drive like maniacs. The more work load you put on your engine by aggressively accelerating and braking, the more fuel you are going to burn.

I am not saying to drive like your grandmother but just keep notice of the speeds and how you drive from now on. With the previous 5 super gas saver tips you can begin to see a decrease in how much you spend at the pump. This will not please everyone and for those who aren't, buying a hybrid car may be your answer. Some of us can't afford a hybrid especially in this economy, but there is another solution.

Did you know you can turn your car into a hybrid? You can. If you really want to save a ton on gas then this is just what your looking for.

Want to discover a super secret on becoming a super gas saver? Just visit for more information on how to convert your car to a hybrid now. Shane Wilson is a successful web site owner at where you can access other gas savings tips anytime. Visit his site today.

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