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Knowing The Parallel Parking Trick

Most people find parallel parking one of the hardest skills in driving especially for new drivers. However, the fact still remains that even seasoned drivers find this skill something that needs not only knowledge but also patience and lots of practice.Parallel parking is actually a method of parking a vehicle in parallel to other parked cars in a parking lot or space. You will know that it is time to parallel park when cars are actually parked in parallel in just one line. They are parallel to the curb with the front bumper of each car facing the back bumper of an adjacent one.

To parallel park on the right side of the road, you first have to make sure that your parking space is about two meters or around six feet longer than your vehicle.This would ensure that you do have enough space to maneuver about. Although there are some skilled drivers who could parallel park with just a parking space that is around a foot longer than their vehicles.When you have chosen your space, line up your vehicle beside the vehicle in front of the parking space. Then, you have to signal to the right.

Now, turn your steering wheel all the way to the right and put your car in reverse.Upon doing such, back up your vehicle so much so that your rear right bumper is the first part of your vehicle to enter the parking spot. Now once you achieve that your vehicle is around 45 degrees to the parking spot, slow down. Then, turn the steering wheel all the way to the left.Then, continually back up until the vehicle is parallel with the curb.

After that, you have to gradually turn the steering wheel to the right. This would curve your vehicle into a straight position. When you have already made your vehicle occupy the middle of the parking space, brake your vehicle.


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By: Tracy Dawson

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