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One of the most tempting things to drive, especially for people who are normally in boring lives, is to drive a 4x4. There are all those fantasies about freedom, power, and pure machismo, and putting a person not used to the concept needs some consideration. Therefore, here are some basic suggestions to make sure that your 4x4 drive is a truly fun experience.Don't drink caffeine: Your adrenalin is already ramped up a bit; ramping it up even further is just plain silly, and will cause even worse judgment calls than just plain adrenalin.If you're going to be driving a car, especially one that requires decent judgment to drive, don't add caffeine to the mix.

If you kill it, don't eat it: If you run across and then over a large game animal, have it stuffed, but don't eat it. Odds are that you have crushed enough of its skeletal structure so as to make it hazardous for you to eat. It probably won't come up, but bear that in mind if it does.The Driver is in charge: There are some definite reasons to keep this in mind. You have the right to eject someone if they are creating a problem and making it difficult for you to drive.Yu may have idiotic friends that think that it's cool to mess with someone in charge of something, and will not let their perceived right go no matter what.

What they believe is not as important as keeping their lives safe, if you would rather do something messy to them. Keep in this in mind; it will likely come up.Maps are the most important tool ever devised: Before you do anything, plot it out on a map, and then give it to someone you trust that can read it. By mapping out where you are going, you eliminate some basic risks, such as avoiding rivers and cliffs, and allowing you to navigate around potential problem areas. Your map is a great tool, and should be protected at all costs.

Lacking previous arrangement, the first to actually yell "shotgun!" gets the front passenger's seat: It's a great seat; there has to be some rule or anarchy will prevail.The driver pays for the gas, and the passengers for the drinks and snacks: However, the driver should feel free to get gas money from the passengers, possibly by reminding them that he can eject them at any time, and the vehicle need not be stopped or even moving slow at the time. But be nice when evoking this rule; use of it just to avoid paying for the fuel?.These suggestions may sound silly, but they have been tried and work out.However, just remember to have fun, and you will have some real fun in the outdoors!.


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