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EBC Pads and Rotors

The EBC Brakes Group is the only remaining independent friction products manufacturer in the world. Not only is EBC independent, it is also privately held by a single person. This is not only a rare thing in this market, but it is almost unheard of. If that isn't a big enough story, EBC is a dominant player in its industry. I remember a local brake shop that had a sign out front that read, "If you can't stop; stop here.

" Brakes are generally forgotten until they don't work. When a member of the general driving public goes in to get their brakes fixed, they either don't ask for brakes and/or rotors by brand, or they get the auto manufacturers direct replacement pads and/or rotors. How a single company can dominate a field like that is nothing short of amazing. EBC manufactures its own brakes, rotors and pads in its own manufacturing facilities in the U.

K. and the U.S. As policy, they do not import anything from the third world and manufacture as much as they can.

With all of that they have risen to the top of a very competitive market, where all the other manufacturers seem to specialize in outsourcing. The EBC friction products include the colorful brands of Greenstuff, Redstuff, Yellowstuff, and Bluestuff. They also manufacture a line called Ultimax, as well as OEM replacement pads and rotors. Their Ultimax General Replacement pads are direct replacement OEM quality pads at lower prices than OEM. These pads not only have the EBC exclusive BRAKE-In ocating, but they also are designed of materials that will significantly reduce rotor wear, (up to 50%).

The EBC Greenstuff 2000 Series Premium Street Pads are designed for the sporty cars of the type called street sports. Like just a bit of higher power braking than the normal (adult) might do. The EBC Redstuff Ceramic 3000 Series for Highly Tuned cars and Fast Street is another specialty line of Brake pads.

These pads are of Kevlar and Ceramic composition. Yes Redstuff rocks! The Yellowstuff 4000 R is a competition grad brake pad that is street legal and can be used on the street too despite it's design for competition. The Bluestuff 5000 pads are the high endurance pad designed for heavier vehicles and harder stopping while giving greater pad endurance.

Luis Marcos is the founder of premier dealer for EBC Pads and Rotors. Contact Place For Brakes Today! For all your EBC Brake Part Needs.

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