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Do Your Homework Before Buying That New Sports Car

You may be interested in purchasing a used sports car, but may have concerns associated with the deal. A new car purchase, after all, includes warranties and assurances that reduce your need to be concerned with potential later problems. Additionally, a never-used car cannot suffer from any past damage or misuse. New cars are wonderful, of course, but there is something special about older models.

In the sports car realm, many older automobiles are very coveted collectible items and have surprising value. Sports car aficionados recognize quality and seek to preserve it. Although one can never be sure they will pick a winner and not a lemon, there is a two-pronged approach that should be followed: Research and Investigation. Research refers to gathering background information on the vehicle make and mode. Investigation refers to carefully evaluating the automobile itself. Research Research the car in question.

Research it thoroughly. Yes, consult the Blue Book and determine its estimated value, but don't stop there. Find out what kind of problems the car in question most often experiences. Find out what telltale signs of problems might be evidenced in a used version. Learn the car inside and out before making the deal.

You can perform this research at the library, via the internet, by discussing the matter with experts and experienced professionals or through any other number of potential means. Your research methodology is not as important as your research results. You need to know what to look for and what the car is probably worth before making an offer. Make notes and formulate a checklist of things you will want to investigate on the car you are considering. Take your notes with you along with any questions you might have for the owner that have been spurred by your research. Investigate Knowing about the car in general terms is essential.

Your research has provided you with a great overall perspective on the make and model you are evaluating and you have an idea of what to look for. Now, it is time to take the next step and investigate the car being sold. Ask to see service records. If you are very interested, invest in obtaining a CarFax or similar vehicle history report.

Find out everything you can about the car you might be buying. Your investigation is not just a matter of pushing papers, however. Now is the time to put your knowledge to work.

Physically inspect the car closely, noting deficiencies that will require repair work, and paying close attention to any areas your earlier research indicated might be troublesome. When test-driving the car, keep your mind on specific issues and problems you know to be common or possible with the car. Don't rely on your own investigation alone. Get a second opinion. Find a mechanic who specializes in working with the type of car you are considering and take the car to them for an inspection if it passes your initial check.

The seller should be happy to let you do this. If he or she is not, that should be considered a warning that all might not be well with the car. A mechanic may or may not charge for a once-over on the auto. However, if there is a nominal charge involved it will be well worth the expense if it helps you avoid a horrible purchase.

If your research indicates it is a sports car with which you could be happy and your investigation shows it is free of visible problems, the buying process can proceed. It's at this point that one begins to discuss price. If your research implies this may not be the right kind of sports car for you and/or your investigation shows problems with the vehicles that are in excess of your willingness to undertake repairs, you should not buy the car. If your research and investigation lead you to avoid a car, it will seem as if you learned a great deal for very little.

In reality, however, your effort not only increased your knowledge base for future car shopping but also may have saved you from a nightmarish investment. When considering a used car purchase, always be sure to emphasize both research and investigation.

Gregg Hall is a business consultant and author for many online and offline businesses and lives in Navarre Florida with his 16 year old son. Get car care products from

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