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A Smart Way to Control Engine Heat

Due to its make and purpose ? to sweep past all terrains with its all-wheel drive vehicles ? Jeep needs an unfailing fan for its radiator to give enough air to cool down the powerful engine. Radiator fans, however, may also succumb to hot weather, causing them move slower. As a result, only trickles of air may pass through the radiator ? not enough to control the engine's temperature. To augment the radiator's efforts, the Jeep Fan Clutch is fitted with the fan. The Jeep Fan Clutch consists of a small fluid mixture with a thermostatic apparatus intended to control the speed of the the fan.

Through Jeep fan clutches, the engine fan can be engaged and disengaged from the engine's power. The Jeep Fan Clutch works two ways ? it spins at just the right velocity to keep the engine from overheating, and it reduces the fan's drive when it is no longer needed. Silicon oil is needed in the Jeep Fan Clutch fluid mixture to ensure that it is working efficiently. Yet, the fluid mixture also has to stay impermeable inside for the fan clutch to operate properly.

When the air temperature increases as the radiator detects, the Jeep Fan Clutch instructs a bi-metal coil spring to expand. While expanding, it allows a more oil to come into the fluid coupling before the Jeep Fan Clutch starts to rotate the fan. Obviously, an efficient-working Jeep Fan Clutch is instrumental in a vehicle cooling system's performance. In view of this, Jeep equipped its vehicles ? such as the Cherokee, Compass, Liberty, Wrangler, and Commander ? with cutting-edge Jeep fan clutches. Among the aftermarket part manufacturers providing Jeep fan clutches are Hayden and Flexalite. The Hayden and Flexalite Jeep fan clutches are precisely designed to aid the radiator fan in spinning faster than the engine pulley itself, causing the airflow to increase considerably.

Jeep's fan clutches constitutes a 'smart' way of controlling the engine temperature and thereby, avoiding overheating.

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