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A Look At The Dodge Nitro

Both drivers and critics consider the Dodge Nitro one of the toughest vehicles in its class. It is considered as rugged as it is practical and as fun to drive as it is smooth. The Dodge Nitro can seat up to five occupants and drives like a dream thanks to a 4.

0 liter V-6 engine. Outwardly, as mentioned, the Dodge Nitro looks like a powerful, aggressive SUV. Its silhouette is boxy enough to tell everyone on the road that it means business, and both the front and read fenders flare stylishly. Depending on the model, the grille is either silver and placed almost vertically or body colored with a crosshair design. The Dodge Nitro features an independent front and a solid rear axle suspension system in both the sport and performance models. The performance suspension includes improvements with the stabilizer bars, coil springs, shocks, and bushings, and it is standard with the R/T model.

Due to the suspension, the ride in a Dodge Nitro is firm but completely smooth. It is made even better by the driver's view which, thanks to a high seating position, is wide open and clear. In the Dodge Nitro R/T, the steering wheel is wrapped in thick leather ? and it features an exquisitely light touch, thanks to rack and pinion steering. Drivers of this SUV have the option of two engines: the 4.0 liter V-6 engine is standard with R/T models and it, too, is responsible for the Nitro's satin smooth ride, especially with its five speed automatic transmission; the other option is a 3.7 liter V-6, with either six speed manual transmission or a four speed automatic.

Drivers can also choose between rear wheel and four wheel drive, as well as two 4x4 systems. Anti lock brakes are standard as well ? stopping is smooth and precise. Where the exterior is rugged and aggressive, the interior of the Dodge Nitro is classic and austere. There is a cluster of three pod gauges on top of the dashboard, which slopes sharply. The Nitro SXT, the base model, features black accents, whereas the SLT and the R/T models are accented in silver trim around the centre dash, the door handles, the door armrests, and within the centre console.

Other standard features include manual air conditioning, a 115 voltage power outlet, and a CD equipped stereo. The Dodge Nitro has room to seat up to five occupants. The driver and passenger seats are bucket seats, conducive to extreme comfort, support, and stability during long drives. In back, there is a folding seat which can be split and folded down in sixty/forty fashion. The rear seats' backrests are able to recline, which also allows for supreme comfort during longer trips.

The standard seating upholstery is soft cloth, but there are also options for stain resistant fabric and leather trimmed upholstery. In addition to being supportive, the Dodge Nitro's bucket seats are marvelously plush, especially the leather trimmed seats. Both the front seats and the seats in the rear are plentiful when it comes to room ? not only is there room for five occupants, there is actual personal space for them as well. The Dodge Nitro received five stars for safety from the National Highway Traffic Safety administration.

Standard safety features include side curtain air bags and an electronic stability system. This 4x4 vehicle has over thirty cubic feet of storage room behind the back seats when they are upright. When the rear seats are folded, there is over sixty five cubic feet of cargo room. The SXT models feature a reversible floor in the cargo area, which has a bracing tray on one side meant to keep messes in one place, should they occur. Dodge Nitro SLT and R/T models feature the Load 'n Go floor, which slides out of the storage region up to eighteen inches, so that it acts like a ramp for loading cargo. In both cases, storage bins are hidden beneath the floors.

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